For gluing of linoleum on a nap and fabric basis, parquet, ceramic and glass tile on the cement and sand and concrete bases, brick and slag stone. Apply only to internal works in rooms with moderate humidity. It is not recommended to use in moist rooms. It is not intended for a parquet sticker from beech and exotic types of wood which are strongly extending under the influence of moisture.

Main consumer properties

  • it is ready to application
  • has the high gluing capability
  • it is easily applied on a surface
  • inflammable and non-toxic
  • environmentally friendly

Appearance and structure

The paste of beige color representing mix of water-soluble polymers with composition additives.

Conditions and storage durations

The warranty period of storage of a product in the closed container of the manufacturer at a temperature plus 5-35 ºС is 2 years.

It is steady against freezing. After freezing it is necessary to defreeze and stir.

Меры предосторожности

Избегать попадания в глаза. В противном случае глаза необходимо промыть большим количеством воды, при необходимости обратиться к врачу.

Method of application

Glue should be applied on the basis gear with spatula (B3 or B2) with layer not more than 1 mm. Not allow formation of a crust (drying) which begins in 20 minutes. Watch that the glue layer was applied on the internal surface of material not less than for 80%. The laid covering should dry not less than 24 hours, and the parquet will be ready to grinding in 7 days. Application for gluing of linoleum – traditional. A glue remaining balance from a front part of a covering and from tools should be removed before drying up by means of wet rags.