The Comfort collection is the household linoleum intended for living premises. Thanks to production of a protective layer of a covering by a calender method, “Comfort” does not contain pores and cracks, does not emit harmful substances and emulsifiers. Calender protective layer prevents hit of household pollution and moisture in structure of a covering and allows linoleum to serve for many years. The heat and noise-absorbing textile basis (RET) popular at the buyers is used as a basis of linoleum. Such basis is steady against differences of temperatures, is not afraid of moisture, and also is steady against influence of microorganisms and rotting. At the expense of RET basis and a protective layer made by a calender method, linoleum of TM “LINOPLAST” possesses exclusive characteristics of durability and wear resistance.

General specifications
Thickness 2.5 mm
Protecting layer 0.15 mm
Weight on 1 sq.m. 0.95 kg
Width 1.5-4 m