History of the enterprise



Diplomas and awards


History of the enterprise

The Chemplast enterprise is a dynamically developing enterprise, being one of the largest domestic manufacturers of floor covering.

In 2002 the enterprise by own forces marketed and mastered production of linoleum 1.5 meters wide.

At the end of 2004 modernization of the line was made that has enbled to manufacture products 1,5 and 2,0 meters wide at the same time.

Since 2010 products in width 1,5 are manufactured; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0 and 3,5 meters of different designs.

Since December, 2011 Chemplast is the only enterprise in the former Soviet Union which produces linoleum in width of 4,0 meters.

In May, 2012 the economy class collection under the name «LINOPLAST-Comfort» is started in production.

In November, 2012 the collection of semi-commercial LINOPLAST-Etalon linoleum is started in production.

In December, 2013 the beginning of production of a new product – the transport floor covering «LINOPLAST-Avtolin»


Підприємство “Хімпласт” — підприємство, що динамічно розвивається, є одним з найбільших вітчизняних виробників підлогового покриття.

2002 року підприємство освоїло випуск лінолеуму шириною 1.5 метра.

Наприкінці 2004 року було проведено модернізацію лінії, що дало можливість випускати продукцію шириною 1,5 та 2,0 метра одночасно.

З 2010 року випускається продукція завширшки 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0 та 3,5 метри різних дизайнів.

З грудня 2011 року «Хімпласт», єдине підприємство на пострадянському просторі, яке випускає лінолеум завширшки 4,0 метра.

У травні 2012 року запущено у виробництво колекцію лінолеуму під назвою «ЛІНОПЛАСТ-Комфорт».

У листопаді 2012 року запущено у виробництво колекцію напівкомерційного лінолеуму “ЛІНОПЛАСТ-Еталон”.

У грудні 2013 року початок виробництва нового продукту — транспортного покриття для підлоги “ЛІНОПЛАСТ-Автолін”


By creating our products, we always care for that it harmoniously combined practicality, quality, esthetics and the price

Structure of linoleum

PVC film – the calendered film 0,15-0,70mm thick

Drawing of a seal – multi-color

Average PVC layer – polyvinylchloride, plasticizer, filler, pigments

Basis – needle-punched fabric, thermally bonded

Linoleum is produced by contact coated method, at the same time the calendered polyvinylchloride film with the printing drawing is used

High-quality raw materials, namely PVC resin, DOF and CPN-15 plasticizers, PVC film, give excellent results at a welding of linoleum JOINT TO JOINT by devices of «hot welding» that is especially important for construction companies.

The components used in production from the famous manufacturers conform to the ISO standards 9001.

The products of our enterprise have certificates of conformity of Gosstandart of Ukraine, the ecological and sanitary and hygienic conclusions.


In recent years our products were appreciated by owners of apartments, country housing and commercial organizations.
It is antistatic, flame-resistant, steady against household chemicals and hostile environment, is not pressed through by heels.

Guarantee of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is obliged to guarantee quality of the linoleum corresponding to Specifications (EN 650:1996,NEQ) GSTU B.V.2.7-160:2008 on condition of a conforming to statutory rules and conditions of transportation, storage and application.

Warranty period of storage of linoleum is 12 months from the date of production.

After the termination of a warranty period of storage, before use, linoleum needs to be checked for compliance to GSTU standard conditions.
Conditions of this standard can use linoleum for designated purpose at confirmation of conformity of quality indicators.

Warranty period of operation of linoleum – 10 years under conditions of conforming to service regulations.

Diplomas and awards